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How to Safely Setup the Outdoor Space for Your Outdoor Pet

on July 25, 2022

A lot of us leave our pets outdoors so that they enjoy nature while we can get some work done. Having said that, it is essential to create a safe space before sending your pet outdoors. Here are a few tips to help you set up everything outdoors for the pet's safety.

  1. Dress the Dog for the Weather:

You will want the pet to wear a jacket for the cold. You shouldn't let the pet stay out longer if it is freezing outside. Also, if you own a dog, certain breeds such as German shepherd are good at tolerating cold than others. They will be fine if you own a breed like husky, but a small breed may not be comfortable outside. Learn about different dog breeds and their needs before you decide to let your dog stay out. You should also dress your dog correctly to withstand the cold. If the weather is harsh, make them wear boots to protect their paw. Also, monitor how they are doing outside once in a while. If they still feel too cold, get them inside quickly.

  1. Set Up a Camera:

When the pet stays outside, you would want to keep an eye on it, especially when you are not home. Installing a camera means you get a live feed on your phone all day. This way, you can check on your pet's behavior and ensure they are safe and on their best behavior.

  1. Install a Strong Fence:

When the pet is outdoors, the fence keeping the pet safe should be strong enough. Get the structure checked for strength because this is one of the most important aspects of keeping the pet safe. Also, the fence should be deep enough so the dog cannot dig a hole below the fence to escape. If you have a large dog, then they should not be able to jump or break it.

  1. Remove Harmful Items:

The outdoor space where your pet stays should be checked for harmful items such as lawn equipment, loose nails, chemicals, de-weeder, antifreeze, and coolant. Remember, you cannot supervise the pet always; hence the space should be free of harmful items for the pet's safety.

  1. Keep Interesting Play Items:

Your pet may get bored outside. Hence, to entertain it, you should place a few things that the pet can play with, like a sandbox, ramps, toys, tunnels, and slides. This will ensure that the pet safely plays and burns out its energy.

  1. Set Up a Cooling System:

If your pet is out during long summer days, you should offer them a means to cool down like a sprinkler system. Your pet should have access to fresh water too throughout the day. It is better to set up an automatic hydration system that fills the water when the bowl is empty. If you have more than one pet, you should set up several water bowls and keep an eye on the water level, as they should never get dehydrated.

  1. Set Up a Partially Enclosed Space:

If the weather is harsh, the pet would want to rest in an enclosed space. Hence, you should create a shelter outdoors for the pet to cool down if needed. It can also be a place where they escape the cold or protect themselves from rains.

  1. Ensure Your Pet has Its ID:

Whenever you take your pet outside, ensure they have their IDs on. You might be sure they are safe, but if they find a way to escape, you would want to get them back. A collar ID will help your neighbors return the pet safely to you. You should also get the dog micro-chipped to be extra cautious.

  1. Install Natural Grass:

As the dog is going to run and play in the area, it is better to install natural grass there so that it does not get injured. Any hard surface installed can hurt the dog, whereas a lawn is the best place for the dog to play, and they love sleeping on the grass. It also helps them get enough grip so that they do not skid.

  1. Don't Skip Walks:

Your pet may be staying most of the day outdoors, but that does not mean you do not take it for a walk. Especially if you own a large dog, you should take it for its walks as outdoor space is also restricted. An outdoor dog may get enough exercise there, but it still needs mental stimulation when it goes on walks and sniffs things around; hence do not skip the walk. The dog loves to interact with the outside world and would love to step out of the house often. This will help it be more social and make your bond stronger with the animal.

  1. Cover the Outdoor Pool:

If you have a swimming pool outside, you should fence it or cover it. You will find the internet filled with videos where dogs accidentally fall inside the pool, and that happens for sure. Your dog may be a swimmer, but that does not mean you want it to use the pool unsupervised. Hence, cover it entirely or add a strong and tall fence that it can't cross, so the dog stays safe.

  1. Install a Pet Door:

Your pet might stay outside most of the day, but it may want to come inside too to snuggle. Installing a pet door ensures it can quickly come inside the home when it feels too hot or cold. You can also hang a bell on the door for the pet to ring when they wish to enter, giving you more control.

The Bottom Line- Keep an Eye:

Your pet may be used to living alone outside independently, but that does not mean you get a free pass. They will always depend on you; hence, you should check on them now and then, even if you're busy, to ensure they are safe.