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New product: Turd Totes dog poop bags from Pet Junkie

by Pet Junkie on October 13, 2021
New product: Turd Totes dog poop bags from Pet Junkie

Listen, we know you can buy dog poop bags anywhere. We know many of them will even be made from compostable ASTM D6400 compliant materials.

But will any of those other bags be this delightful?

Compostable poop bags with fun labels on roll

When we decided to release a pet waste bag, we had just two goals: 1) Our bags needed to be certified compostable, and 2) they needed to make people smile while they picked up a turd.

Turd Totes come with a variety of novelty stickers around the rolls, a friendly reminder on the bags, and a pup mascot who is really happy about what he's doing.

So don't forget: Do your duty and pick up the doody.

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