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5 Ideas For Celebrating Your Pet’s Gotcha Day!

on April 23, 2017

Many pet owners don't know the actual date their "fur baby" was born, but still want to recognize the importance of them joining the family. "Gotcha Day" celebrations are a popular way to do this. We recently celebrated our dog Taco’s third Gotcha Day – or the third anniversary of the day we adopted him from Stray Rescue of St. Louis. We're pretty sure Taco thinks every day is a cause for celebration, but here are a few ideas to make your pet's Gotcha Day extra special.

  1. Invite some friends over for a play date or meet up at a dog park.

    Dogs at dog park
  2. Serve them a special meal or treat.

    Raised Dog Bowl - Summit

    Maybe served in a brand new elevated dog bowl!

  3. Get yourself something to celebrate with them

    Maybe some home accessories or a dog hoodie!

  4. Go on a favorite walk or hike with your best friend.

    Go on a favorite walk or hike with your best friend

    Near St. Louis? Check out some of our favorite hiking destinations.

  5. Volunteer or make a donation in your pet’s name to the rescue organization they were adopted from

    Taco's ride home from Stray Rescue
    Taco on the way home to live with us the day we adopted him

Do you celebrate your pet’s Gotcha Day or birthday? Let us know in the comments how you mark the occasion!