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Pet Halloween Costumes Ideas for Dogs and Cats in 2021

on September 23, 2021

What do you plan to dress up as for Halloween this year? More importantly, what does your pup plan to dress up as?

Obviously, they will look adorable in anything. We scoured the internet for some creative and fun dog costume ideas to help you narrow it down. Many of these can be done in DIY fashion, but not everyone is a DIYer, so we’ve included some links where you can snag these:

A Galaxy Far Far Away

For any Star Wars fan, Chewbacca is a classic option that never gets old. If your dog has the hair for it, you can easily get some gentle products and start styling away.

If not, grab a Chewbacca costume that’s ready to co-pilot!

Or maybe a different adorable Star Wars character, an Ewok?


Raise your hand if you would be calling Ghostbusters if you saw this cutie haunting your home? No one? No one, of course.

If you have a pup who is especially tolerant — like this one! — this timeless option is a quick and easy DIY costume that will never go out of fashion.

Identity Crisis

Halloween give us the opportunity to be whatever we want to be.

And maybe your dog or cat has the heart of a lion!

Or do they prefer the stripes of a tiger costume?

Maybe the ears of a bear are a better fit?

Oh my, your pet will look adorable.

Bone, James Bone.

Is your dog a 00 Agent or just a perfect gentleman?

Put on his formal wear and take him out in his dog tuxedo for the evening.

And so many more…

The number of costumes for pets available now is near endless. Browse many of the options and enjoy Halloween with your dog or cat!