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Problems with Owning a Shepadoodle and Solutions to It

on April 04, 2022

Are you planning to get a Shepadoodle or already own one? These are incredibly intelligent dogs, especially preferred by people who want the qualities of a German Shepherd but do not wish to deal with their excessive shedding. These hybrid dogs inherit the best traits of both parents; hence, you will end up with a smart, playful, highly energetic, and loving shepherd doodle.

Having said that, they are not the easiest to manage in certain circumstances. Hence, we have listed here the everyday problems of owning one and finding solutions.

1. Too Big for a Small Apartment:

Apartment living is not easy for shepherd doodle breed as they are not really meant to be kept in a small space. They need a lot of room to play as they are highly energetic, just like both their parent breeds. Containing an active dog in an apartment will get more challenging for you. If the dog does not burn its pent-up energy, then the end result will be Zoomies and destruction. Ideally, they should be kept in a house with a garden. That way, it can have space to play outside and burn their energy. Whereas forcing them to stay indoors for most of the day is against their nature, which will only increase destructive behavior.


If you have already gotten a Sheapadoodle and live in an apartment, you do not have to give back your dog. It is preferable to keep such dogs in a stand-alone home, but there are a few ways you can make apartment living work for the dog. Take your dog for many walks in a day to cover up the lack of outdoor time. If you have a dog park nearby, you should take your dog there once a day so that the dog can run and burn its energy. Ensure you have taught the dog a good recall, though. Even inside the home, if you have a balcony or a long corridor, carpet the area, or you can also use artificial grass there. This can be the space where you can play fetch at home throughout the day. Remember, they are large dogs that need a minimum of two hours of exercise every day.

2. You are Not Home for Long Hours:

Any energetic dog breed needs maximum engagement. Hence, owning Sheepadoodle is challenging if you are away most of the day. They are highly active dogs, which means they need constant attention. They are not lazy at all and require constant attention. Hence, if you need to leave your dog alone for several hours every day, they are not the right dog breed for you.

Shepadoodle is ideal for people looking for companionship who can be around throughout the day. You also need to be fit enough to walk the dog every day to keep it healthy. They need a lot of activity to burn their pent-up energy. They need to burn off energy so that they are well-behaved throughout the day.

You also need to devote enough time to socializing the dog so that they do not become anxious or fearful, which could result in aggressive behavior. 


Obviously, you cannot take your dog everywhere, and it is impossible to never leave your dog alone at home. If you have to leave your dog for a few hours, ensure the dog gets enough exercise before you leave home so that it gets tired. You can leave an interactive feeder while you are away to keep the dog busy. Also, ensure that you do not leave the dog alone for many hours in the first attempt itself. Start by leaving the dog alone for five minutes and gradually increasing the time. This will ensure that the dog understands that you will come back in sometime. Dog daycares are also available if you have to leave for many hours, who can interact and keep your dog busy.

3. Shepadoodles Aren’t for Inexperienced Dog Owners:

If you are a first-time dog owner, then an advanced breed like Shepadoodle is not for you. They have a lot of requirements, including regular exercise, daily training, and constant engagement, or else the dog can showcase aggressive traits due to pent-up energy, which you would not want. Working dogs need a strong leader that inexperienced dog owners will find difficult to understand. If you are an experienced dog owner, then the Sheepadoodle is an excellent breed to have around. They are also perfect for people who would love to have an active dog at home. But, if you are a beginner, skip this breed for now.


If you have already got one, then seek the help of a reputable dog trainer and understand how to deal with this breed. Get maximum information about raising Shepadoodle, which will help you become a better pet parent.

4. They Need Constant Grooming:

As Shepadoodle has a poodle parent, they need constant grooming as they are hairy babies. Although they shed low, you have to maintain their coat by grooming them properly, or else they may develop painful mats in their fur. They need to be brushed for 30 minutes every day to avoid matting. The good part is that they have a low shedding coat.


You can always hire a groomer to get the work done. There are several resources available online that will teach you to groom them at home too.

The Bottom Line:

Sheapadoodles are wonderful and energetic dogs that can become great companions and excellent watchdogs. This intelligent designer breed needs too much attention and training, which can be an issue for new dog owners. Also, as they are designer breeds, they can be expensive. Hence, remember to ensure that you can afford one.

Having said that, experienced dog owners will enjoy the company of these amazing dog breeds, which love to be around you all the time, and you will enjoy hanging out with one.