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Pet decor: The rise of designer dog bowls as home accessories

on September 29, 2020

Here at Pet Junkie, we specialize in unique designer dog bowls, often of the elevated style. We've previously covered the benefits of elevated bowls. But why make your dog's bowl a piece of home decor? While an elevated bowl can offer benefits your pet will appreciate, you probably care what it looks like more than they do!

Pet-themed home decor

If you're like us, you're into your pets; really into your pets. Pet-themed home decor is not new. From picture frames to glassware, pet-themed items have long been a favorite gift for pet lovers or fun decoration for your own home.

These items often have one thing in common, though: While fun and popular, they don't always look like actual home decor. They're often intended as one-off pieces rather than something that will blend in and compliment a room.

Enter plants

Yes, plants. Since the dawn of man (or shortly after), people have been putting plants in fancy pots and placing them around our homes as decoration. Who doesn't love a plant in a nice pot?

Your dog's bowl can serve as a similar home accent piece, especially if it's of the elevated style. They really aren't all that different, but your dog's raised bowl can also benefit your pet in other ways — everything from ease of eating to cleanliness — all while looking great in your home.

Bowls to fit any style

There are countless styles of designer dog bowls available, including modern, contemporary, traditional, and rustic bowls. If you're a fan of art deco, urban modern, Scandinavian, farmhouse or another interior design style, you can find a bowl that fits your home.

Are you looking for a particular style of dog bowl and can't seem to find the right one? Let us know!

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