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Large Santa Fe elevated dog bowl with food
Large Santa Fe elevated dog bowl
Large Santa Fe elevated dog bowl with removable inner stainless steel bowl
Large Santa Fe elevated dog bowl 10
Dog eating out of two elevated bowls on transparent mats
Dog eating out of Santa Fe bowl - Large - 44oz, 10in
Santa Fe - Anti-slip Pads
Small Santa Fe elevated dog bowl with food
Small Santa Fe elevated dog bowl
Small Santa Fe elevated dog bowl with removable stainless steel bowl
Small Santa Fe elevated dog bowl, small, 5
Small dog with Santa Fe - Small - 16oz, 5in
Santa Fe bowls on counter
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Santa Fe Elevated Dog Bowl

31 reviews
  • Easy Cleaning: Removable stainless steel inner bowl is dishwasher safe.
  • Anti-Slide, Anti-Tip Design: Heavy polyresin material and anti-slip pads.
  • Large: 10" tall, 44oz, 5 1/2 cups dry food for medium and large dogs.
  • Small: 5" tall, 16oz, 2 cups dry food for small dogs and cats.
Product Description

Dog eating and drinking from two large Santa Fe bowls

Santa Fe is a beautiful elevated food and water bowl from Pet Junkie. This single raised pet bowl is a modern designer bowl that is great for small, medium, and large dog breeds or cats.

There are a number of potential benefits of elevated dog bowls. A raised pet dish can make eating easier and increase cleanliness. These stylish pet bowls are functional, but also look great in your home. Pet Junkie bowls make great pet decor for your kitchen or living room.

Pet Junkie bowls are made of a cast resin material and include a removable dishwasher safe stainless steel inner bowl. Removing this bowl for washing makes cleaning up after your pet simple and easy. The contemporary pet bowl stand has a heavy, sturdy design with a wide base, and includes bottom pads to help avoid slipping and scratching. It is difficult for pets of all sizes to tip or move.

If you're looking for tall elevated dog bowls consider this unique alternative to many of the pet feeders and bowl stands on the market today!

  • Easy Cleaning: Removable stainless steel inner bowl is dishwasher safe. Resists corrosion and rust. Makes cleaning a breeze.
  • Anti-Slide, Anti-Tip Design: The Santa Fe pet bowl is made of a finely crafted resin material. The heavy material and sturdy base make pushing, moving or tipping difficult for your dog.
  • Large: 10" tall, 44oz, 5 1/2 cups dry food for medium and large dogs.
  • Small: 5" tall, 16oz, 2 cups dry food for small dogs and cats.
Monitor your pet while in use. This listing is not a medical recommendation for your pet. Always consult your veterinarian.
Customer Reviews
Questions & Answers
  • Can I order additional stainless steel bowls?

    Yes! We have additional stainless steel bowls for all of our elevated dog bowls available. If you need help determining which inner bowl you need, please contact us!

  • What is the depth and diameter of the bowl stand?

    Large: The outer width of the bowl stand measures 8.75" across to the widest point, but the widest point of the lip is 8.25". The inside of the bowl stand is 7.75" in diameter. The bowl stand is 2.75" deep.

    Small: The outer width of the bowl stand measures 6.75" across to the widest point, but the widest point of the lip is 6.25". The inside of the bowl stand is 5.75" in diameter. The bowl stand is 2.125" deep.

    Both bowl stands are curved to match the shape of the stainless steel bowl provided, so the depth along the edges is less. This reduces the movement of the inner bowl. The inner stainless steel bowls have a small lip that rests on the edge of the bowl stand, which is why the inner diameter is smaller than the outer diameter.

  • Is the Santa Fe bowl dishwasher safe?

    The inner bowl is removable and dishwasher safe. It is recommended to wipe the outer bowl stand with a damp cloth and dry by hand.

  • Can I store food or water in the bowl stand?

    This bowl stand is not made to store additional food or water, beyond the food or water in the inner stainless steel bowl.

  • Is the Santa Fe bowl an outdoor dog bowl?

    The polyresin material should hold up fairly well but could fade in sun and rain over time. Our Santa Fe dog bowl stand has not been officially tested or intended for outdoor use.

  • Is it hard to knock this over? Trying to find something the puppy won’t knock around and spill.

    It's tough to knock over. The bowl stand is made out of a heavy resin material making it around 6 lbs, and it has a wide base. It also has small pads on the feet to make it harder to move. The elevated style also tends to deter pets from getting too rough with their bowl. Having said that, every dog is different and it's not impossible that your pup would tip it.

  • Do you have a go-slow insert available for this?

    We don't have an official one available at this time. Customers have told us they've found various silicone inserts that fit into the stainless bowl bottom. We'll have something like that available in the next few months!

  • It says the bowl holds two cups of food, so I'm assuming this means dry food as shown in photos, but how many fluid ounces (or even better, how many cups) of water does this equate to?

    Thanks for the question! The bowls are a bit over-filled for the photos so that you can see the food. The 2 cups capacity is how much is held inside the bowl. The capacity for water is the same -- 16 ounces / 2 cups of water. This will be just below the top of the bowl. You could probably squeeze a couple more ounces in there but most people don't want to fill the bowl all the way to the very very top.

  • I have an 11 year old, English Bulldog which of the two sizes make sense for her since she is short and stocky?

    Hi Liz! Typically the small is a good size for an English bulldog. It's 5" tall and holds 2 cups of food. Every dog's different but I think the 10" would be too tall for most bulldogs.

  • Does in come in any color besides blue. I would buy a white or black

    Unfortunately, we don't have the capacity to make alternate colors of this bowl at this time. The bowl is a light gray with a blue tint that will show up more or less depending on the lighting. (Outdoor or florescent lighting bring out more blue, for example.)

  • Is there a slow feeder bowl that can be used in the stand?

    Right now we don't offer a slow feeder that fits directly in the stand. The stand is molded to match the inner bowl in order to minimize movement, so different inner bowls don't fit (or at least not as well). The best bet is to purchase an insert that sits inside the stainless steel bowl. We don't offer an official one yet (it's in the works!), but there are different types and styles available on Amazon and other marketplaces.

  • My 140 lb American Bulldog gets freaked out if the bowl moves even a tiny bit. I’m looking for a heavy weighted base that holds sturdy. Is this base resin lightweight? Or heavy?

    Thanks for your question! It's heavy, around 5.5lbs. It is difficult to move. The removable stainless steel bowl may move slightly inside the stand because it's removable, but the chances of moving the actual stand around are low. There are pads on the bottom as well to help with this.

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