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Replacement Inner Bowl - all variants
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Stainless Steel Bowl

Large stainless steel bowls will be back in stock early December 2020. Join our newsletter to be notfiied.
Pet Junkie Original
Product Description

Stainless steel bowls can be used as replacement inner bowls for Pet Junkie bowl stands, or as standalone bowls.

Small and large sizes fit Santa Fe, Terrazzo, Jackson, and Summit bowl stands.

Discontinued sizes fit all Madison and Wyoming stands, as well as Summit bowls purchased mid to late 2018 or earlier. These can also be used as standalone bowls but will not fit newer bowl stands.

If you purchased a Summit bowl around this time or have any questions, please contact us with your name and email so we can make sure you get the correct replacement bowl.

Monitor your pet while in use. This listing is not a medical recommendation for your pet. Always consult your veterinarian.
Customer Reviews
Questions & Answers
  • Which replacement bowl fits the large sumit elevated dog bowl?

    Either Large v2 will fit -- with or without the circle pattern! The circle pattern is a subtle brushed circle around the inside of the bowl.

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