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Two elevated dog bowls on counter

Elevated Dog Bowls

Pet Junkie designer raised dog bowls make great home decor while offering potential health benefits for your pet. Our single elevated dog bowls are a unique alternative to a traditional elevated dog bowl stand. Dog bowls elevated by our heavy, tip-resistant polyresin stands have a decorative look to match any decor style. The removable, dishwasher-safe inner stainless steel dog bowls are suitable for both food and water.

We offer elevated dog bowls for large dogs, medium dogs, and small pets. Our styles are good for senior dogs or young pups.

Browse our decorative pet bowls, check out our FAQs and testimonials below, and contact us with any questions!


39 reviews

Summit Elevated Dog Bowl

25 reviews

Terrazzo Elevated Dog Bowl

Bowls that match your style

Stylish and functional. Whatever your style — modern, contemporary, traditional, rustic — there’s a bowl well-suited for your decor.

Sizes that fit your pet

Your pet is one of a kind! Full and mid-height stands, large and small capacities available. Choose a bowl that suits your pet.

Anti-tip, anti-slide, easy cleaning

Our polyresin bowl stands are heavy and hard to tip. Stainless steel inserts are easy to clean. A great alternative to ceramic or plastic.

From our customers

“You guys are absolutely awesome. The bowl meets and exceeds my expectations. Thank you very much.”
– Elaine V.
Frequently Asked Questions about Elevated Dog Bowls
Does my dog need an elevated bowl?
Many dogs may find it easier to eat from a bowl that is elevated. Older and senior dogs, tall large dogs, and dogs with limited mobility may see benefits from using a raised dog bowl. Some picky eaters may show an increase in appetite, and some dogs may just like it better! For a more in-depth look, consult our guide on reasons for choosing an elevated dog bowl.
How tall should my elevated bowl be?
Every dog is different, but it is possible to calculate a starting or maximum height for your dog's bowl before considering other factors. For more information, read more about the correct height for elevated dog bowls.
Are raised dog bowls dangerous for some pets?
If your dog has a history of bloat (GDV) or is a deep-chested dog with a high risk of bloat, be sure to consult your veterinarian. Some cases of bloat have been possibly linked to elevated dog bowls and excessive quick eating in very large or high risk breeds. When in doubt, ask your vet!
Can my dog tip an elevated bowl?
Our bowls are designed to be difficult to tip. But dogs are full of surprises! Always monitor your pet while they are eating.