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Large Summit elevated dog bowl with food
Summit Dog Bowl Stand - Large - 44oz, 10in
Summit Dog Bowl Stand - Large - 44oz, 10in - With Inner Bowl
Summit Dog Bowl Stand - Large - 44oz, 10in - With Food
Dog eating out of Summit bowl - Large - 44oz, 10in
Dog eating out of Summit bowl - Large - 44oz, 10in
Summit - Anti-Slip Pads
Small elevated Summit bowl with food
Summit Elevated Dog Bowl - Small - 5in - 16oz
Summit Elevated Dog Bowl - Small - 16oz, 5in
Dog next to Summit bowl - Small - 16oz, 5in
Two Summit bowls on counter
Dog eating out of small Summit bowl with Jackson bowl in background
Cat with Summit bowl - Small - 16oz, 5in
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Summit Elevated Dog Bowl

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  • Easy Cleaning: Removable stainless steel inner bowl is dishwasher safe.
  • Anti-Slide, Anti-Tip Design: Heavy polyresin material and anti-slip pads.
  • Large: 10" tall, 44oz, 5 1/2 cups dry food for medium and large dogs.
  • Small: 5" tall, 16oz, 2 cups dry food for small dogs and cats.
Product Description
Dog eating out of Summit large elevated dog bowl

Summit is a beautiful elevated food and water bowl from Pet Junkie. This single raised pet bowl is a designer chalice style bowl that is great for small, medium, and large dog breeds or cats.

There are a number of potential benefits of elevated dog bowlsA raised pet dish can slow down eating or help older dogs who have trouble bending over to eat or drink. Your pet will no longer have to bend far to get to his or her meal. These stylish pet bowls are functional, but also look great in your home. This goblet bowl makes great pet decor for your kitchen or living room and is a fun conversation piece!

Pet Junkie bowls are made of a cast resin material and include a removable dishwasher safe stainless steel inner bowl. Removing this bowl for washing makes cleaning up after your pet simple and easy. The goblet pet bowl stand has a heavy, sturdy design with a wide base, and includes bottom pads to help avoid slipping and scratching. It is difficult for pets of all sizes to tip or move.

If you're looking for tall elevated dog bowls for small, medium or large pets, consider this unique alternative to many of the pet feeders and bowl stands on the market today!

  • Easy Cleaning: Removable stainless steel inner bowl is dishwasher safe. Resists corrosion and rust. Makes cleaning a breeze.
  • Anti-Slide, Anti-Tip Design: The Summit pet bowl is made of a finely crafted resin material. The heavy material and sturdy base make pushing, moving or tipping difficult for your dog.
  • Large: 10" tall, 44oz, 5 1/2 cups dry food for medium and large dogs.
  • Small: 5" tall, 16oz, 2 cups dry food for small dogs and cats.
Monitor your pet while in use. This listing is not a medical recommendation for your pet. Always consult your veterinarian.
Customer Reviews
Customer Reviews
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United States United States
Great for the big old girl'

I'm very happy with this purchase, not just the quality for the price but, the item itself for the dog it was purchased for. I have a ~90lb working Dogo Argentino that is (just over) 11.5yrs old. She's a big girl, had a lot of miles on those legs and all muscles, and although she's still going good, I felt a raised bowl would be helpful for her arthritis. My parents bought one of these, if not the same, very close, for an older dog we had years ago. They ended up giving the bowl away and I rememberd as I started my search seeing some cheaply made elevated bowls what they had. It was tall enough, heavy enough a big dog wouldn't tip it over while eating and during a google search, I found this, looked very similar to what they had. Based on the reviews it seemed it would do the job, and the moment it arrived I knew it was well made also. First feeding with it, and I did notice my old girl was able to just dig in and finish eating without having to (you might say) readjust herself as it gets towards the end. Not being a big eater for a dog her size, I can honestly say I never really noticed any problems while she ate until I bought this and saw the first time difference, and how she's now continued to eat with more ease. Great product, very well made. Great heighth, which I thought may not be high enough (2" higher is may be too tall for my dog ~23 at the withers???), and even during those last few pieces of kibble as she's got her snout shoved down in the bowl, it doesn't move around let alone tip over. My, now 4mo old Dogo pup always goes over and tries to see if there's any leftovers in "big sister's bowl" after they eat, and even when she was jumping up to see at about 3mo and 30lbs, it wasn't tipping over. I'm very happy I found this product through this company.

Pet Junkie Summit Elevated Dog Bowl Review
Geralann (.
United States United States
Summit X 2

I purchased one in the last couple of months. The height is perfect for my German Shepherds, the style is great, it’s super sturdy and doesn’t tip over. When I got the “OPEN BOX” email, I knew it was a great deal. Still wish they would make one to hold a bigger water bowl, but NOW I HAVE TWO''

United States United States

Far exceeded my's beautiful and my dog loves it..

Questions & Answers
  • Is the Summit considered an outdoor dog bowl?

    The polyresin material should hold up fairly well but may fade in sun and rain over time. The Summit dog bowl stand has not been officially tested or intended for outdoor use. 

  • Does the Summit bowl stand store food underneath the inner bowl?

    This bowl stand is not made to store additional food or water, beyond the food or water in the inner stainless steel bowl.

  • Is the bowl dishwasher safe?

    The inner bowl is removable and dishwasher safe. It is recommended to wipe the outer bowl stand with a damp cloth and dry by hand.

  • What is the diameter and depth of the bowl stand?

    Large: The outer width of the bowl stand measures 8.5" across. The inside of the bowl stand is 7.75" in diameter. The bowl stand is 2.75" deep.

    Small: The outer width of the bowl stand measures 6.5" across. The inside of the bowl stand is 5.5" in diameter. The bowl stand is 2.25" deep.

    Both bowl stands are curved to match the shape of the stainless steel bowl provided, so the depth along the edges is less. This reduces the movement of the inner bowl. The inner stainless steel bowls have a small lip that rests on the edge of the bowl stand, which is why the inner diameter is smaller than the outer diameter.

  • Can I order additional bowl inserts?

    Yes! We have additional stainless steel bowls for all of our elevated dog bowls available. If you need help determining which inner bowl you need, please contact us!

  • Does this stand come with the stainless steel bowls?

    Yes! It comes with one and additional bowls can be purchased.

  • I bought the large elevated dog bowl and like it, but I would like a dark brown or black stainless bowl instead of the bowl it came with. Can I buy a replacement bowl?

    At this time we don't offer inner bowls in different colors. You may be able to find a 3rd party bowl that fits in the stand, but we don't know of one that officially will work nor have any customers shared anything like that with us. If you find one that fits, we'd love to hear about it!

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